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Web Hosting is essentially renting space on a very fast computer, called a "Web Server" which is connected to a very fast internet connection 24 hours a day. We offer you to choose 1and1 web hosting.

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About 1&1:

Proud to be the best in the world

Choosing a reliable web host is important. 1&1 is both the world's biggest web host, and the fastest growing. Our global community is 7.83 million customer contracts strong. We are financially stable, profitable, and will be securing your website for many years to come.

Proven products, honest pricing

From convenient domain packages to feature-packed web hosting plans, virtual private servers, powerful dedicated servers and ready-to-run eShops, 1&1 offers a complete range of web services for every need, every skill level and every budget. All 1&1 products have been designed to provide the ideal combination of features and affordability, with no pricing gimmicks or hidden costs. You simply won't find a better value for your money!

Reliability & innovation

We guarantee the highest product quality, top security and unshakeable reliability. 1&1's advanced Data Centers have been built from the ground up using the most advanced technology available, giving our global network a strength that is beyond doubt. The power and stability of 1&1's systems allows us to be first to market with web products that are innovative yet dependable.

Web ServerPowerful partnerships

Combining over 55,000 fully-tuned servers with the renowned performance of Foundry and Cisco routers, 1&1 utilizes the best products from the world's leading technology manufacturers and service providers. 1&1 is a Microsoft Joint Development Partner, and works with other paramount companies such as Google, Plesk, Symantec, and HP/Compaq.

99.9% Uptime

No matter what the cause, network downtime hurts your credibility, your sales, and your business. 1&1 uses its experience and expertise in hosting to deliver 99.9% uptime, so your website is there when you need it.